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Mobile wash system

Our latest and most important innovation to our services range is our Mobile wash system which allows us to provide perfect cleaning services wherever our client requests. This result in time and cost saving for our clients.

Comparing to regular industrial train vehicles cleaning machines our manual cleaning is much more wary and gentle to vehicles surface, coating and labeling which usually suffers while machine cleaned. Big advantage is also ability to reach all possible parts of the train including joined parts and front sides of the carriages which are hard to reach for regular cleaning machines. Important part of our mobile wash system is high-end powerful wastewater treatment system that meets all regulations for such facility in Czech Republic.

We will be more than happy to provide all necessary documentation relating to this service upon request.

Just couple of examples: To fully wash one Arriva 845 or Desira trains take around 90 mins with water consumption of only 200 liters!

This mobile wash unit use is not limited to only trains, but can be also used on other vehicles such as buses, trucks, cars etc.