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Our services

Looking for flawless and quality property management services? You do not need to look any further! Contact us. We specialize in residential and business property management, our services also include estate, office, commercial and other premises management.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive and tailor-made services covering all possible fields connected to property management including administration, finance, accounting and general property management services.

Our mission is to provide individual approach to each client which reflects their individual needs and expectations.

Our services include:

Finance and accounting services

  • First stage invoice processing
  • Wire transfers
  • Monthly payments evidence
  • Processing of tax year end
  • Income tax processing
  • Other taxes settlement

On-line agenda management for co-operative building wsocietes, housing and owners associations

  • Recently developing app for on-line agenda management for co-operative building societies
  • On-line voting of the common investments
  • On-line bulletin board
  • Society on-line documents storage
  • Easy on-line communication between owners, members, statutory bodies and authorities
  • And more practical features at one place

Administration services

  • Records keeping
  • Dealing with owners, tenants and users of residential units
  • Processing and creating of the pay orders for each residential and commercial unit including regular monthly deposit payments
  • Consultancy during property management budgeting including distribution of individual fees for each residential unit
  • Property management income and expenditure records keeping
  • Providing full service regarding water and other energy readings including preparation of utility bills for individual units
  • Property management accounting in general
  • Regular important information distribution to all owners and Executive committee
  • Administration following the issues with defaulters
  • Dealing with and handling all external authority audits

Property management operational services and maintenance 

  • Keeping track and realization of regular checks, audits, and revisions according to local codes and regulations
  • Regular maintenance of gauging and regulation technologies
  • Revision and maintenance of building automation systems including fire alarm systems
  • Routine building maintenance
  • Administration of claims and complains including evidence of warranty disclaimers
  • Notification and recommendation of necessary repairs and maintenance and cooperation on execution of vaster repairs upon agreement with owner
  • Maximum possible cooperation during emergency situations – accidents

Further complex services incl. office building and other types of buildings

  • Insurance services including revision of recent insurance contracts
  • Full insurance claims service
  • Grants application services
  • Health & Safety certified trainings for employees
  • Energy suppliers audits
  • Security services