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Frequently asked questions from customers

Frequently asked questions


Most new customers ask what to have ready for cleaning. Each household is unique and requires its own, just as each customer is unique and used to different practices. In general, however, if you have the items on the list below at home, cleaning will go smoothly. Of course, if you don’t have everything, we will accommodate what you make available – for one-off cleanings.

If we clean your place regularly and we are missing something, we will suggest what would be suitable to buy and either you will get it or we will buy it and bring it to you, everything is up to agreement.

In general, it is good to have the following at home:


1) vacuum cleaner (even in small homes and apartments without carpet, it is definitely better to vacuum dust and dirt than to spread it)

2) mop with a bucket (the most ideal is a flat mop, fringed mops do not wipe the surface as well, they leave streaks, do not wring as well and are generally harder to work with)

3) quality rags:

– Dish sponges

– absorbent rubber sponges

– Swedish cloths and mirror-fibre cloths (certainly one piece is not enough, if only because different cloths must be used for the toilet, kitchen, glass and furniture; different materials are also suitable – coarser surface, smooth)

– clean cotton rags that don’t shed hair, old terry towels are also excellent

– paper towels

– possibly larger rags, old sheets, etc. to cover furniture, floors, etc., if the activity requires it

– Attachment. old absorbent rags to be destroyed and then thrown away

4) an old toothbrush or smaller brush, a wire brush

5) bucket (at least one more than the one for the mop)

6) Broom and broom with dustpan

7) steps (IMPORTANT!!! if you want to wash lights, tops of cupboards, windows, we have to have something solid to stand on, if someone has only wobbly chairs at home, it is not possible)

8) waste bags


It pays to buy good quality and more expensive products, many cheap products around 20Kč do not really work and even if we use the whole bottle, it does not remove the dirt.

– spring

– degreasing agent for the kitchen

– descaling agent

– toilet gel

– disinfection, own

– mould remover

– wood products (both for floors and furniture)

– polish, pronto

– glass polishers (the ones with alcohol are better)

– quicksand, cif

– floor cleaner (universal or according to the specific surfaces in your home)

– vinegar

– Attachment. preparation for stainless steel

– a product for treating electronics (TVs, monitors, etc.) + a special cloth reserved only for electrical equipment (to prevent dirt or other products from getting in the cloth)

Other essentials (may or may not be useful): skin care product, extension cord, sticker remover, razor, disposable/thin gloves, a basket in which the lady can pick up any odds and ends she doesn’t know where to put.